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Wheelchairs & Accessories

A wheelchair is literally a chair with wheels, which gives mobility to those who are unable to walk due to illness, disability or injury. The range of wheelchairs for sale is extensive due to the diverse needs of users.

The two main categories are self propelled wheelchairs and attendant wheelchairs. Key features for both are a light weight frame which is easy to handle. Anti-puncture tyres are fitted as standard to most wheelchair models and the brakes are usually cable operated. Detachable arm rests are essential if the occupant has very limited self-mobility when moving between the wheelchair and another chair, the toilet or a bed. Swinging footrests are another feature which is standard to most models.

Wheelchair seats are designed to be comfortable and easy to keep clean. Users of self propelled wheelchairs will find a half folding back a useful feature, enabling them to reach for objects behind them with greater ease.

Some wheelchairs have been designed for more occasional use, such as on a day trip or at a relative's house. The key feature of these models is that they are very lightweight and fold down easily to a compact and easily transportable size. The rear wheels can be removed on some models.

Rear antitippers are usually added to a self propelled or an attendant wheelchair which have been designed to be used outdoors.

Some of the leading wheelchair manufacturers of both self propelled and attendant controlled models are Link, Swift and Dash.