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Wheelchair Seat Covers

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  • Wheelchair Seat
  • These Real Wool Wheelchair Seat Covers have the unique ability to absorb perspiration, thus preventing the skin from becoming 'clammy'. This allows the skin to breath more effectively; very important in pressure area care. Real wool is exothermic. Unlike polyester fleeces, wool can absorb up to 33% of its own weight in moisture without feeling damp (compared with polyester's 5%) Wool will not feel cold even when damp. Real wool has a remarkable natural resilience: with the real lamb's wool high density 1" deep pile this distributes pressure more evenly giving immediate comfort and relief. Real wool has a gentle touch that prevents friction burns from abrasive materials.
  • The Wheelchair seat covers are pre-treated to enable the real lambs wool to be hot washable up to 161degrees F (71degrees C) and autoclaved.
  • The Real Wool Bed Fleeces can be washed at these temperatures up to 50 times and still continue to give softness and comfort to patients.
  • Covers100% Pure New Wool.
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