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Troja X Rollator

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  • Troja X Rollator
  • Small adults and children require a light, easy to manoeuvre product which supports their mobility. From this the Troja X has been born. The Troja X is a lighweight aluminium rollator that allows the user to be more active and provides support while offering freedom and movement. With only a few hand movements the Troja X can be folded compactly and then be ready to transport. The Troja X allows the user to be mobile and adding accessories such as the drink bottle holder and using the standard fitted multi use net bag to carry toys etc, makes it extremely user friendly.
  • The built in memory function, always remembers the user's set handle height. Put down the handles during transport, open and pull up and they stop at your settings again.
  • Due to the fantstic design the rollator can tackle obstacles such as kerbs. Tread on the left or right kerblifter to raise the Troja at the front then keep on walking forward until the obstacle has been passed.
  • The Troja can be folded with one hand and very little effort. Just pull lightly on the grey strap in the middle of the seat and rollator seems to fold itself in your hands.
  • In the folded position the Troja X takes very litle space. It Stands secure and safely on all four wheels, ideal for small rooms or can also be stored behind a door.
  • The net seat and the excellent parking breaks allow the user to sit safely and take a break.For additional extras such as Tray (Doubles as seat Support) and Seat Cushion, please contact our sales team for more information.
  • Accessories available, Please contact our sales team for more information:
  • Backrest
  • Bottle Holder
  • One Hand Brake
  • Specifications:
  •  Recommended user height       1250 -1600mm (4ft 1" - 5ft 3 ")   Diameter front / rear wheels      200mm (7 3/4")
     Height of support points              635 - 790mm (25" - 30 1/4")  Width front/rear wheels                36mm (1 1/4")
     Max Length                                    650mm (25 1/2")  Grip Distance driving breaks       65mm (2 1/2")
     Max Width                                      520mm (20 3/4")  Height when folded up                650mm (25 1/2") 
     Between suport points                370mm (14 1/2")  Width when folded up                 250mm (9 1/2")
     Seat Height                                    520mm (20 1/2")  Length when folded up               660mm (26")
     Turning Diameter                          840mm (33")  Weight                                               6.6kg (14lbs 5oz) 
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SKU TOP-814740.
Maximum User Weight 12 1/4 Stone

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