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Toileting Aids

Toilet Aids

For those with mobility problems, toilet and bathroom aids from UKS Mobility are designed to make using the toilet easier. We offer a variety of different aids including accessories such as frames and raised toilet seats which can be used to adapt your existing toilet for easier accessibility.

Our range of aids includes disabled toilet and bathroom equipment as well as general toileting aids. Each toileting aid is designed with security and comfort in mind so that you can move your way around the bathroom with confidence. 

Our toilet aid products includes a wide range of different commodes. Available in different forms and styles, our discreet commodes are designed to work around your everyday needs. Both comfortable and hygienic, commodes from UKS Mobility are easy to clean and to maintain. Choose commodes with wheels that can be easily transported from room to room or convenient folding commodes if you require a portable model. 

Other toileting aids available include grab rails which can be fitted throughout your bathroom to provide you with safety while you move around the room or to help balance yourself when lowering yourself to the toilet or bath area. 

Safety is certainly key to our toilet aids however we also take into account comfort by offering products such as padded toilet seats. Our toilet aids allow you to simply adapt your current toilet to match your requirements rather than having to pay for a pricey replacement. 

For safety and comfort, toilet aids such as disabled toilet equipment from UKS Mobility offer you quality and dependability.