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The Wheat Bag Range

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  • The Wheat Bag Range
  • Wheat bags help relieve aches and pains due to their soothing therapeutic nature. The Wheat Bag Range is made up of two products -  Wheat Bag and Lavender Scented Wheat Bag. All these heating pads offer gentle relief leaving the user calm and relaxed.
  • The  Wheat Bag Range helps ease stiff necks with an inner bag designed to spread heat evenly up and around the neck. It fastens securely and can be adjusted to the required size.
  • The original Wheat Bag is a versatile, pliable bag to soothe muscles, aches and pains and can be used anywhere on the body. Simply heat in the microwave for just a few minutes and then apply to the affected area. It gives instant warmth that lasts for several hours and can also be frozen to use as a cold compress.
  • Likewise, the Lavender Scented Wheat Bag provides a simple and easy-to-use remedy for muscular stress, bruising and everyday aches and pains. The lavender, with its warm aromatic heat, helps create a sense of harmony and well-being.  The Wheat Bag Range is a popular choice among customers for the benefits it provides.
  • Specifications:.
  • Wheat Bag:  Size 440mm x 135mm (171/4 x 51/4"); Weight 900g.
  • Lavender Scented Wheat Bag: Size 440mm (171/2") x 120mm (43/4"); Weight 787g.
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