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Sidhill Solo II Dynamic Mattress System

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Product Code: SH-DYN/DIG/SOLO/2
  • Sidhill Solo II Dynamic Mattress System
  • Sidhills Solo II two-cell alternating dynamic pressure therapy system is ideal for use on profiling beds.
  • 2 cell alternating dynamic pressure therapy overlay replacement system.
  • Designed for Medium/High risk (as defined in EPUAP and NICE guidelines).
  • 18 cells incorporating static head cells.
  • Easy to use digital control system incorporating alternating and static modes.
  • Unique “Nurse mode” lifts pressure quickly to highest setting for 20 minute period.
  • Easy to use transport mode “blanking plate”.
  • Visible and audible alarm for low/high pressure, alternating failure, power down.
  • Top hinge positioned to aid profiling, reduces “pinching” of cells in the sacral area.
  • Two way stretch, waterproof/vapour-permeable top cover.
  • Easy to use and rapid CPR unit; also incorporates unique “G” connector with safety catch as an alternative CPR mechanism.
  • 2 year warranty (parts and labour)
  • Dimensions 200cm × 88cm × 12 cm.
  • Maximum user weight 180kg (28st).
  • Weight 5.3 kg.
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Maximum User Weight 28 Stone
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