Sensory Solutions

Here at UKS Mobility, we offer a variety of sensory solutions to cater to a range of needs. Choose from our range of sensory kits, each containing innovative and exciting sensory products to awaken the senses and to ensure an enjoyable playtime.

We have a choice of over 30 different interactive sensory kits available including motor skills, massage, optical effects, tactile, visual effects, as well as bubble tube kits, fibre optics, relaxation, UV and much more. With so many different sensory kit options, there is sure to be a solution for every need.

Sensory huts and tents, such as our Sensory Ball House, are a particularly popular choice. The Sensory Ball House allows for a safe and enjoyable sensory experience and can be used in conjunction with one of our projectors and/or UV resources. This pop up installation is easy to set up and to store, making it a fantastic choice.


We also pride ourselves on our choice of sensory tactile panels. These include Corridor Tactile Wall Panel, Tubey Tactile Wall Panel, Fibre Optic Tactile Wall Panel, Acoustic Tactile Wall Panel, Big Wheel Tactile Panel and UV Tactile Panel.

Each panel offers a host of benefits and is supplied with brackets, enabling it to be attached to any suitable wall. There is so much fun to be had exploring each panel.

For those who are looking for a way to keep your child happy and busy, we have a large selection of ‘fidget’ kits, as well as individual items. For example, our mesh balls are tactile soft balls, which transform into a ‘grape bunch’ when squeezed. Not only is this fun, but the ball offers a range of benefits, from stress relief to hand strengthening.

We offer a huge range of soft play equipment at competitive prices. From soft play floor and wall padding, to more specialised items, such as our interactive ball pool and rocking dish, to create a safe environment in which children can learn new skills and above all, have fun.