Mobility Scooters

At UKS Mobility you will find a comprehensive range of mobility scooters. We offer scooters from trusted mobility manufacturers such as Shoprider, Days Medical, TGA and Pride. With a number of different models to choose from, you will easily find a mobility scooter that best suits your requirements.

Our disability scooters can accommodate a range of body weights and heights. Mobility scooters are specially designed to give you comfortable support and easy manoeuvrability as you journey from place to place.


We offer a range of different scooter models including take-apart scooters which can be conveniently stored in the boot of a car. Our take-apart scooters are ideal for those who require a scooter for shorter journeys of 10 miles or less. You will also find scooters designed for longer journeys such as scooters that can be used on the pavement for up to 20 miles and road going scooters which will cover an approximate distance of 35 miles.

As well as mobility scooters we also offer accessories which can be used to adapt a scooter to further suit your requirements. Scooter accessories we offer include handy storage compartments which can be hung from the back of the scooter seat or from the armrest. Other accessories include ponchos which can be worn over yourself and over the steering area to protect yourself from the cold or rain while you drive.

Confidently manoeuvre yourself from place to place with mobility scooters from UKS Mobility. With disability scooters from reputable manufacturers, we offer scooters to suit various lifestyles.