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Sanitizers and Protection

Ensure a constant level of hygiene with our sanitiser and protection products. Our huge range of sanitisers and other hygiene products ensure that you feel confidently protected from bacteria. Not taking necessary cautions against bacteria may lead to infection, our range of sanitiser and protection products are there to give you assurance while helping to maintain a hygienic environment.

Our selection of hygiene products includes our waterproof mattress protector. A waterproof protector is an essential for all mattresses as it combats stains from spillages or perspiration. Mattress protectors are also ideal for those who may suffer from incontinence issues. At UKS Mobility we offer mattress protectors to accommodate a variety of bed sizes and also stock our waterproof pillow protector.

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Whether you require sanitary products for the healthcare industry or simply want to provide yourself with at home hygiene protection, our full range of sanitisers suit a number of purposes. From sanitiser wipes and sprays to sanitiser gels which can be used when you are on the go, sanitiser products offer a comprehensive protection against germs.

Other sanitiser and protective products available from UKS Mobility include spillage protection kits to provide instant clean-up of any accidental spills. We also stock mattress deodoriser sprays to give mattresses a quick refresh whenever required.

At UKS Mobility we have strong experience in providing healthcare products. Our range of sanitiser products including hand gels, spillage kits and our waterproof mattress protector and pillow protector ensure that you can confidently maintain a clean and hygienic environment.