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Rehabilitation Education & Resources

At UKS Mobility we are specialists in providing rehabilitation education aids and resources to both medical professionals and to the public. Whether you have recently undergone an operation and require assistance getting back on your feet or you have limited mobility and want equipment to help make getting around much easier, at UKS Mobility we offer rehabilitation and mobility aids for disabled individuals and for those with temporary mobility issues.

We stock a number of rehab resources that can aid rehabilitation to help make carrying out everyday tasks as easy and hassle free as possible. With over 12 years’ experience in providing the very latest and most innovative disability and rehabilitation aids, our resources come from leading brands to provide a quality and durability that you won’t find anywhere else.


As well as mobility rehabilitation aids we also offer a range of products to assist with sports injury rehabilitation. From specialist resources to mobility aids that can be used to carry out those routine tasks such as using the bathroom, cooking and dressing, our aids help to make everyday tasks as carefree as possible.

At UKS Mobility we have worked with a huge range of medical professionals and understand the needs of rehabilitation to provide you with the most comprehensive range of resources. Our rehabilitation education resources provide necessary information to aid rehabilitation including sports injury rehabilitation. As well as rehab resources, at UKS Mobility you will also find a competitive selection of mobility aids to help make those everyday routine tasks easy and comfortable.