Personal Care

Our range of personal care products are there to help you maintain personal hygiene standards whatever your health. We offer a comprehensive collection of personal hygiene products including sanitisers, incontinence products and protective equipment, each product is made to the highest quality and with so many personal care products to choose from you really won’t find a better selection elsewhere in the UK.

With all of our personal care products we always ensure that independence, discretion, comfort and dignity are key. Our products are easy to use, clean and maintain to ensure a lasting quality. We also offer disposable products such as incontinence pads available for male and female use.


Other personal care products include our complete range of sanitisers. We offer sanitisers to cater to those working in the health industry as well as sanitisers ideal for at home use. The range consists of sanitiser wipes, sprays and gels which can be used to protect your hands against bacteria when you are on the go.

Personal care products can greatly aid your day to day routine. Our high quality and durable aids such as portable bidets, bed pans and urinals provide you with ease of use as well as anti-spillage designs.

Whatever your health, our collection of personal care products ensure you can always maintain your personal hygiene standards. With a competitive selection including disposable products and bed pans, bidets, protective equipment and more, it is unlikely that you will find a better range of personal care equipment anywhere else in the UK.

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