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Paediatric Equipment

The name given to the medical care of children from birth to adolescence is paediatrics. Some children have illness or disabilities which require paediatric equipment. The products will vary according to the needs of the child but paediatric equipment is designed to help make everyday tasks such as moving about and washing easier.

Some children require mobility assistance. At the most extreme this is a wheelchair but other children simply require a little assistance, especially when suffering from or recovering from an injury such as a broken leg. The range of paediatric products to aid mobility includes walking frames and crutches. A rollator is also good for children requiring support whilst walking; they are lightweight, brightly coloured and easy to manoeuvre. Fixi and Rebotec are two manufacturers in this area.

Washing a child who has a disability can be difficult. To make it easier a range of disability aids for children have been developed. A shower commode chair helps support them when they are in the water. Other aids help to lower a child with limited mobility into the water. They look like a surf board to which the child is securely attached. A hoist then lowers the child into the water.

Other areas of specialist equipment include drinking utensils, toileting aids, seats, tables and trays and positioning equipment. The products required will generally depend on the age of the child and the nature of the support and assistance they require.