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Molift Raiser (Accessories Only)

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The Raiser Strap+ is an additional aid for use with the Molift Raiser that can be used by carers on people who need extra assistance during the sit to stand transfer.
  • Accessories for the Molift Raiser:
  • The Molift Raiser is a sit to stand transfer aid that carers can use to safely move users, it can be purchased separately on the UKS Mobility website. A great accessory that is available to buy for use with the Molift Raiser is the Raiser Strap+ which carers can place around a person to give back and hip support as they stand up. It can also be used as a grasping handle if the user has difficulty reaching for the crossbar on the Molift Raiser. The soft strap comes in a two pack and the maximum weight it can withstand is 23 and-a-half stone.
  • Molift Raiser can be purchased seperately.
  • Raiser Strap+ (Includes; Raiser Strap & Sliding Sleeve)
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SKU PAR/MoliftRaiser(AccessoriesOnly)
Maximum User Weight 23 1/2 Stone
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