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Disabled Kitchen Aids

Enjoy your time in the kitchen rather than encounter unnecessary strain or discomfort while you cook with our disabled kitchen aids. Cooking is an enjoyable pastime and our aids are designed with comfort and usability in mind to allow you to easily hold and control kitchen utensils.

Our kitchen aids range from food preparation right down to cutlery and plates. Beginning with food preparation, we sell a whole host of products that can help you easily prepare a limitless amount of meals including comfort grip knives, cutting boards and jar openers to avoid any spillages.


You will also find handy products that can aid other everyday tasks such as tap turners and knob turners. Our tap turners conveniently fit to your existing taps to provide a larger hold area to give you a better grip. Our selection of turners also includes hand-held contour turners which can be used to easily operate oven dials.

As well as kitchen aids, we also stock a huge range of tableware and cutlery. Our tableware allows you to relax and enjoy a meal with confidence. From easy grip cutlery and scooper bowls and plates, whatever tableware you require you will find it right here from UKS Mobility.

Avoid any unnecessary hassle or discomfort when you cook and eat food with our complete range of disabled kitchen aids. From tableware to food preparation tools, our kitchen tools are easy to grip and operate, giving you confidence as you cook and eat meals time and time again.

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