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Incontinence Wipes

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  • Incontinence Wipes
  • A complete all-in-one perineal care incontinence product, that’s perfect for fast, effective and gentle cleansing, deodorising, moisturising and barrier protection.
  • Single pack contains 25 wipes
  • Save money by buying 12 packs of 25 wipes
  • Cleanse - mild surfactants will remove soiling without the drying effects of soap and water.
  • Moisturise - urine and faeces can damage the skin, causing discomfort. Incontinence Wipes contain a moisturiser that will leave the skin feeling fresh and smooth.
  • Barrier Cream - a moisture barrer protects the skin from unwanted moisture including urine, protecting the skin integrity and keeping it free from irritation and discomfort.
  • Deodorise - help neutralise odours on the skin to leave it feeling revitalised and fresh.
  • Protects the skin from unwanted moisture including urine, protecting the skin integrity and keeping it free from irritation and discomfort. Incontinence wipes are intended to be used to clean the patient hygienically prior to placement of a new pad or conventional underwear.
  • These pre-moistened wipes leave the skin feeling soft, fresh and smooth and replaces the need for cloths, water, moisturiser and separate barrier cream.
  • A simplified approach to washing that requires no water, no additional products or towels thus saving on material, labour and laundry costs.
  • Benefits
  • 4 in 1 product so eliminates the need to purchase, handle or store separate products, creams, water or basins
  • More cost effective than traditional bathing as no need for additional products such as towels, face washers, soaps and moisturisers – infection control friendly!
  • Promotes infection control –avoiding the use of individual tubs as they are a haven for bacteria
  • Impregnated moisturiser and barrier cream improves skin integrity and skin condition
  • Barrier cream limits contact between skin and urine (acidic) and faeces
  • Pleasant smelling perfume acts as a deodoriser
  • Wipe will not break or tear
  • Less wipes needed due to size and strength
  • Reduced nursing and carer time required
  • Low foaming, pleasant smelling 
  • Where to use
  • Residents and patients who are incontinent
  • Ideally suited for nightly incontinence check
  • Bed and wheelchair bound residents and patients
  • Residents and patients with skin conditions associated with incontinence
  • Packaging is ideal for day trips, emergency evacuation kits, community care vehicles, transportation vehicles and disease outbreak kits Incontinence wipes provide all-in-one care and improvement in serious incontinent skin conditions.
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