Hoists / Slings

Mobility Hoists & Slings

Choosing the right lifting apparatus is an important decision, as effective moving and handling requires specialist knowledge and a degree of security to ensure the person remains comfortable, well supported and maintains their dignity throughout.

Whether slings and hoists are required for hospital or residential use, they need to be carefully matched with the user and in the case of multiple use, they should be flexible, with a range of features to allow for continued professional usage.

Things to think about are whether the device has an emergency stop facility and whether or not it folds down. In the case of multiple use, hoists need to have a high maximum weight capacity to cater to various users. Products can be found with either electric or hydraulic supply and this may be a consideration too.


A good device needs to be easy to clean to aid infection control and should also be easy to move and store. Durability is important as a major purchase needs to offer value for money in the long term. As a general rule mobility slings tend to be more cost-effective but of a simpler design, while mobility hoists are multi-purpose.

There are a number of mobility hoists on the market, each with unique characteristics, but leading brands like Premier and Oxford are well-placed to ensure stability, compact frames and systems which are easy to manoeuvre.

Likewise mobility slings can support easier lifting, but are more lightweight with many offering commode features. Of course many slings and hoists are designed to be used together so compatibility between products is key.

Whatever the needs and requirements of the client, there is a suitable professional option available from tried and trusted market leaders.