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Dignity Commode

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  • Dignity Commode
  • A self-contained, mobile bidet commode, designed to help users to toilet independently without the need for assistance from others. A safe, convenient, and hygienic solution to a standard commode chair with bucket, the Dignity offers the additional wash and dry feature of a bidet for improved and private personal hygiene, without the expense of installing a shower-toilet. Simple to use, the in-built water reservoir is removed from the side of the commode and simply filled from the tap. Soiled waste is collected in the supplied potty for easy disposal. The cleaning and drying programme is operated via a detachable control panel and can be preset for suitable lengths of time or overridden if required. After the warm water spray, the air dryer automatically starts blowing warm air.
  • Key Features include:
  • Comfortable and comforting – thermostatically controlled water and pre-heated toilet seat
  • No need for permanent or professional fitting - simply plugs into household electrical supply
  • Two wheels for easy manoeuvrability
  • Sturdy ferrule feet – for stability when in use
  • Easy, hygienic waste disposal – potty features lock-on lid
  • Adjustable seat height to suit individual needs
  • The use of Dignity Commode places less reliance on carers
  • Easier and safer access to toilet for those with mobility problems
  • Reduces risk of skin abrasion or soreness from wiping/rubbing
  • Gentle blue light for visibility at night without disturbance
  • Easy to clean - white and plastic coated steel
  • Plastic Commode base can be autoclaved at 85°C for one minute
  • Power cable is approx 1.3m (53") long
  • Specifications:
  •  Product Weight   19kg (42lb) 
     Height  640-690mm (25-27") 
     Commode Footprint: Width x Depth   W610mm x D550mm (24 x 21½") 
     Aperture Width x depth  W195mm x D285mm (7½ x 11")
     Width Between Arms  515mm (20.25")
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SKU LanghamH-62425
Maximum User Weight 30 Stone

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