Dementia Care

Dementia Aids

For those who are caring for relatives suffering with dementia, there are a range of dementia products and dementia aids designed to make both carer and patients' lives easier.

These products cover a range of categories, such as memory aids for dementia, mobility support aids, products to improve bathing safety, assistive devices, nutritional items for specific needs, products to help deal with and manage incontinence, special clothing and aids for vision and hearing.

Some of these products are designed to help daily life. Dementia products such as mobility aids and hearing devices provide essential day to day support and good nutritional products can provide valuable calories, nutrients and support a balanced diet, or act as a meal replacement where required.


Other products are valuable for emergencies - such as incontinence management products and aids and also for hospital trips where an extended stay is required. Products exist to help make homes more friendly for patients liable to be wobbly on their feet - to help get in and out of the bath, or up steps for example, by adding wheelchair friendly ramps and aids to mobility.

Others still are designed for the lighter side of living with dementia and help encourage recreation and activity - such as large print playing cards and decorative canes for patients who wish to maintain a sense of style!

The market for dementia aids is growing all the time and offering ever better choice and availability, as new innovations seek to help manage and ease life with the condition and help carers offer easier support and assistance in mainintaing a good, dignified quality of life for the patient.

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