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Par/Corzo Pushchair

CORZO PUSHCHAIR (Basic Mobility with Style & Comfort!) "Clearance Item"

Product Code: Par/Corzo Pushchair

CORZO PUSHCHAIR (Basic Mobility with Style & Comfort!) Please note:

This pushchair is a clearance item we only have 1 size 30 left all other sizes have now gone, due to item being a clearance it is not returnable.

  • Designed with both child and carer in mind, the Corzo has easy-to-use adjustments, including height and angle adjustable backrest, seat depth and footrests. The buggy is lightweight and can be fully folded, making this easy to store and transport. Perfect for family days out.
  • The Corzo is available in Black only 3 different sizes, providing supreme comfort.
  • Features:
  • Seat depth adjustable
  • Backrest height adjustable
  • Footrest height adjustable and foldable
  • Backrest angle adjustable (2 positions)
  • Backrest height extension (size 38, 42 only)
  • 5-point immo, harness and crotch belt and shoulder padding
  • 175/265 mm sold wheels
  • Authentic safety features and comfortable handling make the multi-purpose Corzo ideal for indoor and outdoor activities. It is ideal for children and teenagers that fatigue easily.
  • The Corzo has “growing” advantages including seat depth adjustment, height adjustable backrest, height adjustable footrest and backrest height extension (size 38, 42 only). The newly redesigned undercarriage is designed to withstand all types of conditions. It is equipped with an optimised folding system that makes it easy to fold for transportation and storage and the frame has a lightweight alloy profile with a powder coating finish. Maximum load up to 75 kg.
  • Tension adjustable sling seating with seat depth adjustment
  • Height adjustable backrest
  • Fully height adjustable and fold-away footrest
  • Backrest angle adjustment (2 positions)
  • Backrest height extension (size 38, 42 only)
  • 5-point safety harness and shoulder padding
  • 175 / 260 mm solid wheels:
  • Head support
  • Abduction Block
  • Flip-up footrest and ankle huggers
  • Range of harnesses and support/safety belts
  • Padded Seat Cover
  • Rain Hood

Product sizing

Size 30


Size 38 (sold out)

Size 42 (sold out )

Approx Age

1-8 yrs


6-21 yrs


Max. Load

45 kg


75 kg

75 kg

Seat Depth

26-34 cm


32-39 cm

32-40 cm

Seat Width

30 cm


38 cm

42 cm

Back Height

54-63 cm


67-93 cm

67-93 cm

Seat to Footplate Height

24-37 cm


29-47 cm


Stroller Weight

12.5 kg


14 kg

14.7 kg

Backrest Angle

106°, 111°


110°, 114°

108°, 112°

Seat Angle





Total Length

98 cm


11.5 cm

11.5 cm

Total Width

53 cm


63 cm

65 cm

Folded Stroller Length

117 cm


120 cm

126 cm

Folded Stroller Width

32 cm


35 cm

37 cm

Folded Stroller Height

35 cm


38 cm

35 cm

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