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BT Advanced Phone with TAM Cordless Home Phone

Product Code: PAR/BTHomePhone
  • BT Advanced Phone with TAM Cordless Home Phone
  • Fed up with unwanted calls interrupting you at home? The Advanced Call Blocker which puts you back in control by enabling you to choose the calls you want to take and those you want to block.
  • Includes BT’s new unique Call Guardian to block up to 100% of Nuisance Calls
  • Your saved contact gets straight through
  • Blocked numbers won’t get through
  • Call Guardian handles the rest
  • Key Features
  • Block 1000 individual numbers
  • Block calls by type – mobile, withheld, payphone, area code, international
  • 1.8’’ Colour Screen
  • Automatically copies contacts between handsets
  • 30 minutes of messages on the answerphone
  • Even more advanced call blocking
  • Block by number - Can block 1000 individual numbers meaning that you really can avoid speaking to the people you don’t want to.
  • Block by type - You can choose the type of calls you want to block. For example mobile, international, withheld, unknown or payphone numbers can all be blocked. Plus you can even block numbers by area code or suffix.
  • Do Not Disturb - For those times when you just want some peace and quiet, switch on Do Not Disturb so that your phone won't ring or light up. If you want key friends and family to still get through they can do, by tagging them as VIP's in your address book.
  • Quality, Built-In
  • The modern stylish design makes this phone a great addition to any room, whilst only taking up minimal space.
  • Large 1.8" full graphic display that is easy to read. See instantly how many voice messages, missed calls or text messages you have. Large enough screen for text messaging.
  • Specifically designed to give a clearer sound meaning you won't miss a word. Designed and stringently tested in the UK to ensure all phones meet our high standards
  • The buttons have been thoroughly tested to ensure the 1000th press is the same as your first
  • The backlit keypad makes it easy to see the keys at any time of day with it’s ambient glow.


Easy to use


You can save up to 200 contacts, letting you keep track of all your favourite people. All these contacts are automatically copied to all of your handsets, ensuring you always have the numbers you need.

Visual Voicemail

See a list of who's called you, and choose which message to listen to first.

Extra Answer Machine Features

  • Save up to 30 minutes of messages.
  • Record your own greeting or choose one of ours.
  • Hear who's calling you before you pick
  • Choose how many rings you want before the machine picks up
  • Don't miss important messages when you are away from home, access your messages remotely.

Need a Phone in More Than One Room?

You can get our twin, trio or quad packs should you need additional handsets for other rooms. Whichever pack you buy you will only need one telephone socket in your home to work all the handsets.

What's in the (Recyclable) Box?

  • One base unit
  • Power plugs for any extra handsets
  • Hear who's calling you before you pick
  • One telephone line cord
  • One handset or more (depending on the pack size you go for)
  • Rechargeable batteries (already fitted in the handsets)
  • A quick start guide

You must subscribe to a Caller Display service from your network provider for the block nuisance calls feature to work. Charges may apply.

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