Caregiving: The Costs, Concerns & Choices

January 3, 2017

A caregiver (either unpaid or paid) is someone who helps another individual with an impairment of some sorts. Did you know that there are currently around 6 million people in Britain helping and supporting their family, partners or friends who are ill or disabled? This is particularly shocking as the care they provide is usually unpaid!

With approximately 9% of the male and 12% of the female population in England and Wales being associated with caregiving, the awareness around its daily impact needs to be increased. Increasing the awareness is crucial for all parties; whether you are a professional caregiver, family or friend caregiver, someone looking for advice on caregiving, or even someone in need of a caregiver.

The below animated infographic, by UKS Mobility, outlines in a clear and concise manner the costs, concerns and choices involved around caregiving. The infographic depicts what exactly caregiving involves, the financial and emotional costs which can impact an individual, some key concerns and myths, how to find the right caregiver, as well as pinpointing the various different options surrounding caregiving.

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Caregiving gifographic

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