A Day In The Life Of… A Mobility Scooter

September 8, 2016


Say hello to Mrs.S, the mobility scooter! She’s here to open up a whole new world for you or a loved one and take you on a journey of how getting a mobility scooter can increase one’s accessibility and make a huge difference when it comes to getting out and about with ease and confidence.

Helping to increase accessibility in daily life, the mobility scooter helps people to go further afield, visit local places, see family and friends more often and to go shopping, and ultimately prevent boredom at home and aid independence.

Born in 2014, Mrs.S the mobility scooter really has made an impact on her owner Mrs Alice. From a quick coffee stop and food shopping to getting climbed all over by the grandchildren and riding around the park, these two go on all sorts of adventures together. You’ll get to see what the pair get up to and where they go in the below infographic, by UKS Mobility.

If you’ve got a stubborn family member (or if you’re the stubborn one) and think that getting a mobility scooter will decrease your independence and pride, then hopefully this fun and playful infographic will shed some light on the matter. After all, what better excuse is there to show off some new wheels?

Now, let’s get to know Mrs.S a bit better and see what she gets up to on a daily basis...

Mobility scooter infographic

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