The Advantages of Bath Seats for the Elderly and Disabled

November 4, 2014

The Advantages of Bath Seats for the Elderly and Disabled

Most people feel comfortable having a bath seat installed in their bath because they feel safer and more secure when they’re having a bath. This bathing aid has been proven to have a number of health benefits, such as relieving stress and easing sore or sprained muscles. The use of bath seats allow the disabled, infirm or elderly can enjoy these benefits.

Five Key Benefits of Bath Seats


–         Mobility issues

Bath seats provide people with mobility issues the ability to be able to get in and out of the bath independently and with ease. It allows the elderly and disabled to feel less undignified by allowing them the freedom to bathe on their own without requiring someone to help them.

–         Safety

Most bath seats for disabled users have a special battery which is safe even when it has been fully immersed in water. Additional safety features include a switch that automatically prevents seats from lowering further than the desired level. Also, bath seats are designed to work even when the battery charge becomes low. The Advantages of Bath Seats for the Elderly and Disabled

–         Control

Bath seats for disabled users are simple to operate single handed and most have very easy to follow controls. This means that the user does not require help bathing, leading in turn to a greater feeling of independence.

–         Portability

Bath seats are easy to transport and can be taken with the user when visiting relatives for example for a long trip. Set up takes mere minutes and all bath seats are designed to fit the majority of bath sizes.

–         Full Bathing Comfort

Many thousands of people have enjoyed using a bath seat to enhance their bathing experience. With seats that swivel to many desired angles and custom back rests that are padded for extra comfort – allowing the user to enjoy a relaxing bath without the need for assistance. With most bath seats for disabled users ranging from between £50-£500, there is a bath seat to suit most budgets. Those thinking of getting one however, are also advised to find out if their insurance company can assist with the cost.