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Table of Contents What is a chronic illness?​Chronic Illness DefinitionAcute Illness Vs Chronic Illness – What’s the difference? Types of Chronic Illness​Is Chronic Illness a Disability? Coping With Chronic Illness​​Stages of Coping with A Diagnosis Coping Strategies for Chronic IllnessLiving with Chronic Pain​​​​How to Deal with Chronic PainChronic Illness and Mental Health​Depression and Chronic Illness​Post Traumatic Stress Disorder […]

View Infographic What is Loneliness? When we talk about loneliness, we’re often actually talking about social isolation. These are two separate but interconnected phenomena that impact old people particularly:Social isolation describes a lack of social contact, for instance not seeing friends and family for a long time.Loneliness refers to the subjective feelings experienced by an individual […]

Travelling and exploring different places around the world is a source of joy and excitement for many people. Travel presents opportunities to broaden your horizons, meet new and interesting people, and create memories that will last a lifetime.However, for people with disabilities, travel can be more of a challenge. Contrary to the common misconception, this […]

A disability is defined as any physical or mental condition that has a ‘substantial’ or ‘long-term’ negative effect on a person’s ability to carry out normal daily activities. This means the exact nature of disability isn’t at all uniform and can range from visible disabilities like paraplegia and cerebral palsy, to invisible ones such as […]

Arthritis is an umbrella term that refers to joint inflammation and its associated rheumatic symptoms. There are over 200 rheumatic diseases identified by this term, including osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, and fibromyalgia. Although it’s most common in the elderly, it can strike at any age.All arthritic conditions can cause pain, swelling, stiffness and difficulty moving […]

In recent years, brain-training technology has taken on a life of its own and grown into a multimillion pound business. Now widely available on mobile devices, these apps take the principles of physical fitness and apply them to the mind. If we’re going to exercise our bodies, why ignore our minds?It’s true that brain performance […]

While some may lament about growing old, you know better than that. Your twilight years can be some of the best of your life if you know how to live them to the full, and you most certainly will know after reading our infographic. There are a range of benefits that you can take advantage […]

As well as providing exercise and boosting energy levels, gardening has a whole range of benefits for you to make the most of no matter what your age! Whether you have your own garden, flat, communal garden or an allotment, get outdoors and enjoy nature and start reaping all the benefits for your physical and […]

February is heart month, so what better way to mark the occasion than by taking a look at some of the most common myths and facts when it comes to heart health. No matter what your age, your family history or your lifestyle, you still need to be aware of the potentially fatal disease that […]

A caregiver (either unpaid or paid) is someone who helps another individual with an impairment of some sorts. Did you know that there are currently around 6 million people in Britain helping and supporting their family, partners or friends who are ill or disabled? This is particularly shocking as the care they provide is usually […]