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Bio Bidet Supreme

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  • Bio Bidet Supreme
  • Provides dignity and independence to people who are unable to clean hemselves after toileting. By means of a retractable and oscillating nozzle, the Bio Bidet provides the user with a temperature and pressure controlled warm water wash and blows dry, converting a standard toilet into a sophisticated shower and wash toilet.
  • The Bio Bidet offers three types of pressure wash:
  • Feminine Wash – soft aerated spray
  • Posterior Wash – soft yet powerful spray for thorough cleansing
  • Turbo Wash – whirly mass of soft water to stimulate bowel movement 
  • The discreet nozzle also provides a powerful and warm air drying operation. Retracts back in to the unit after use and has an automatic self cleaning mechanism built in. Other benefits include:
  • Heated seat at room temperature approx 40°C
  • Seat sensor signals that the seat is occupied to commence cleaning operation
  • Discreet and inclusive design with two power settings
  • Easy control panels - fixed or remote control options
  • Quick release mechanism to easily detach seat from toilet
  • Built in filter protects against lime scale build up
  • Hydraulic seat enables gentle opening and closing
  • Can be used by all members of the family and eliminates need for toilet paper 
  • The Bio Bidet has a remote control unit and also features a deodoriser. It can be fitted to most standard toilet pans in place of the original toilet seat.
  • Specifications:
  •  Depth   493mm (19½")  
     Seat Width   383mm (15")
     Overall Width   456mm (18")
     Aperture  Width: 200mm (8") 
     Depth  275mm (10¾")

Please Note: Unless Faulty or damaged for the health and welfare of others, we regret that we cannot allow toileting or bathing/shower product returns, including this product, because of sanitary and personal hygiene reasons.

  • Please Note:- This item is on 10 - 14 days delivery and is Non-Returnable.
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SKU NR-M35779
Maximum User Weight 21 Stone

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