Bed & Chair

Disabled Beds

Feel safe, secure and comfortable while you sit or sleep with beds and chairs designed for the disabled including disabled beds. Considering the amount of time we spend sitting and sleeping it is important that you always feel comfortable and safe, our selection of beds and chairs provide you with this level of comfort and security.

These chairs allow those with limited mobility to lower themselves down to sit with ease and without unnecessary discomfort while doing so. We offer a variety of chair products such as accessories that can modify an existing chair and also chairs designed specifically for those with movement problems.


Our selection of disabled beds and chairs are designed with comfort and safety in mind. Safety is provided through products such as bed rails while comfort can be found in mattresses, pillows and chair cushions. All of the products available from UKS Mobility are easy and safe to install and maintain.

Depending on your requirements, you may wish to add accessories to your bed or chair. These accessories add for additional safety and comfort. Products available include bed and chair tables to allow you to easily have access to a table without straining.

For quality, safety and comfort choose beds and chairs specially designed for those mith limited movement. At UKS Mobility we offer disabled beds and disabled chairs which offer a security and comfort as well as chairs which can be modified with accessories to suit your requirements exactly.