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Anti MRSA Products

If you have difficulty eating then Bioprene Healthcare Bibs could well provide the answer. These superior adult bibs are innovatively designed and made from medical grade Neoprene which is called 'Bioprene'. This is a professional grade, hi-tech material which contains an active anti-microbial which kills almost all bacteria, including MRSA, to ensure a sterile product at all times.

The bibs are 100 per cent waterproof and stain-proof yet wonderfully soft, flexible and comfortable to wear. They incorporate a unique, fold out pocket allowing for its use where required. The clean and modern design offers a smart and discreet image for the wearer and can be worn with suit jackets or cardigans.


SoloGlide Disposable Glide Sheets offer low cost individual patient transfers and eliminate laundry costs. At the same time they significantly help reduce cross infection issues. The material is a specially-designed, triple-layer hybrid polymer, formulated to enable a smooth transfer. It has a very low friction yellow inner with a higher friction kingfisher blue on the outside.

The SoloGlide is very strong and can withstand contact with liquids. It is supplied in a dispenser comprising 30 individual glide sheets, perforated on a roll. Each sheet measures 1200 x 1200mm (47¼ x 47¼").