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  • Allergon Zipped Pillow Protector (47cmx73cm)

Allergon Zipped Pillow Protector (47cmx73cm)

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  • Allergon Zipped Pillow Protector (47cmx73cm)
  • The Pillow Protector for Every Pillow in Every Home
  • Everybody uses a pillowcase on their pillows, this is for cosmetic reasons, we want our pillows to look nice, to co-ordinate with the rest of our bedding and come wash day we take them off wash them iron them and put them back. We do this because they get dirty. If we didn't wash them those pillowcases would very soon start to look very unpleasant.
  • However not everbody uses a pillow protector, maybe it's because the pillow is covered by the pillowcase, one of those 'out of sight out of mind' situations. Maybe it's a price issue maybe people don't want to spend money on pillow protection. It might even be that they think that a pillow protector is going to be uncomfortable, noisy and possibly disturb their sleep.
  • The introduction of the 'Allergon' Pillow Protector means that now there is no excuse for not using a pillow protector on every pillow in our home.*** Let's just look at what happens if we don't use a pillow protector.
  • Let's say that you have just bought a nice new pillow, you have chosen one that suits you and spent as much as you needed to or wanted to, on it. You get it home, unpack it and slip it inside a pillowcase and sleep on it. A pillowcase is a relatively thin layer of fabric between you and your pillow. During the night we perspire, it's alright, we all do, men, women children, regardless of age or health. This perspiration passes through the thin pillowcase and soaks into the pillow. It just takes a tiny amount each night.
  • The same thing happens with saliva, sometimes, without knowing it, we dribble just a little, maybe not all the time, maybe just now and then, but into the pillow it goes. Over a period of time this constant steady moisture starts to stain and discolour the pillow, changing it from a crisp clean white to a collection of brownish marks that eventually cover the entire upper surface of the pillow.
  • Now maybe you don't mind that as once you've washed the pillowcase and put it back on who would know? Well you will, your family will and maybe your guests will.
  • Maybe that's still OK, you still don't mind, but there is worse to come. It only takes a matter of months for dust mites to colonise your new pillow. We all have dust mites in our homes. Some of us are even allergic to them, but even if you are not do you really want them in your pillow, thousands of them just a centimetre or so from your head, your nose, your mouth? By the time your pillow is 2 years old at least 10% of its weight is made up of dust mites, both dead and alive. They live and breed in there and only need moisture and tiny skin particles to flourish, both of which are provided by you every night.*** The answer to all of these issues is the 'Allergon' Pillow Protector. It creates a barrier between you and the pillow. You still use your usual pillowcase over the top but it's waterproof barrier means that moisture can't get through to the pillow, it can't stain or mark it. It also means that skin particles can't find their way into the pillow. The result is a clean pillow and no dust mites...ever.
  • We have carefully designed and manufactured the 'Allergon' pillow protector to ensure that once it is in place neither, you, your family or your guests will know they are there. They are virtually undetectable in use. They are quiet and don't make you hot and sweaty. They are not plastic coated or PVC backed.*** The upper surface is a soft, cotton rich, absorbent terry. On the underside of this is a micro fine polyurethane membrane. Polyurethane is waterproof but breathable. Nothing can pass in or out. No more pillow stains and no more dust mites.
  • They fasten with a zip for complete protection and can be machine washed and tumble dried whenever you want to.

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